New Walleye Site Navigation

Welcome to our first blog, and a big THANK YOU for joining us here at the new Twin Lakes Walleye Club website! Our new site is focused on making you a better walleye fisher-man or woman!

We will be adding many new tools including monthly blogs (regular articles) and fishing videos, DO/Temp reports, meeting information and “How To” articles, all of which you will have access to 24/7 when you have an active club membership and signed up for members only website access.

First things first, however, and that’s how to navigate our new website. Yea, you were hoping to get right to the good stuff…like the long line trolling video that we will be adding soon, where Ed Druml and Dick Alfred actually show you several no-nonsense techniques, using proven methods to Catch Walleye on Bull Shoals and Norfork Lakes. You can see the video HERE.

But, first things first…let’s learn how to navigate our new website. I’m going to assume that you have already signed up, created a website user name and password, otherwise you would not be here reading this blog 😊. If you go to our new site and the main navigation bar is a single row (dark blue), you’re viewing as a non-member. Upper right corner is the login. (See the first image below as not logged in).

After your login, you will see a new home page that looks like the second image below, where you now have two dark blue rows, this is where members have access to the information and tools. Keep in mind that many of these navigation tabs will “Drop Down” when you hover your mouse pointer over them showing more navigation tabs. 

About Page: Fred Gordon wrote this page, where he tells the story of the history and background of our club. It's very interesting information and explains how we’ve grown into a very large fishing club.

Join Page: This is where you or someone you know wants to join, they can use the online form and it will automatically be submitted to our enrolment staff, or they can download the form and bring it with them to the next meeting.

Club Info Page: This page is for club meeting location and our sponsor's information. Please take a moment to see who our sponsors are. These business owners are partnering with us, offering great tackle and good prices. Please shop locally!

Fishing Report Photos: We will be posting some fishing report photos here, so if your feeling photogenic, you might just see yourself or your fishing buddy on this page.

Contact Page:  Please use this page if you need to reach out for anything club related. Questions, ideas and your feedback is always appreciated!

Blog Page: This is where we will post monthly articles on everything and anything to do with walleye fishing and crappie fishing (Yes, Crappie) because nearly all our members fish for both walleye and crappie here in the Twin Lakes area lakes.  “Fish Tales” might be told here…

Members Page:  Is where you can see our member directory and read or post your favorite recipes.  Just a side note…you are not required to join the directory, it's just a place that members can reach out to other members.

Club Details Page: We will post the agenda for our last meeting here, as well as what’s coming. Our club by-laws and current board of directors will be on this page too.

Help Page: Is where you will find our monthly video, tips on all kinds of information to help you, lake maps and contour lake maps. We will be adding habitat locations here soon too.

AGFC Page: The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is our partner, and we are proud to be involved with them with the reporting of DO/Temps, and it's always a pleasure to have them join us at our meetings. 

So, we encourage you to take a moment and log-in and look around our new Walleye Club Site. And if you see something that you feel could benefit our members, please contact us.

Now, on to the real reason we created this new site…Let's go fishing 😊

Brad Morris, TLWC Webmaster